JACOB GUERRERO – CHAPTER ONE is an 11 tracks- album that explains the history about society and humans transformation, who are only interested to increasing their money accounts, shocking their minds into a convulsed period.

From first single STORM, come the rest as the wheel of life, as nature vital cycles, life and death, ascend and descent, peace and war, abundance and scarcity…a principle of action and reaction, as the relation between power and money.

Every track have born from its title, including the appropriate atmospheres, sounds and combined textures to provoke listeners sensations, for being capable to associate those periods with music developed in the album.

CHAPTER ONE is an individual reflection about humans degenerative process themselves and their associated consequences, through an Evolutive Techno with powerful base, strong bass lines and astonishing and surprising melodic synths, making an special combination that defines JACOB GUERRERO Techno style.



Along centuries, basic human needing were those to help to survive and perpetuate themselves, in a natural state that has been property or hostile in an equal balance.

While time has been passing trough humans have been evolving from their primitive origins, developing their knowledge based on individual and collective experience, technology and science.

Nevertheless, behind those incredible evolution-revolution, humans added anti-natural elements that influenced in their basic needing and their point of view about life, making them loose the sense of who they are, where they come from and where they will go. This deformation became possible since the birth of a harmful and illness element, almost mortal: The Money.

This revolutionary element, a theory advance that would facilitate exchange and understanding between humans, had become a life-instrument and an entity itself, transforming humans and changing their habits, their thoughts even their ethic and moral principles.



These global and shock changes had been generating in cycles a materialist society, selfish, individualist and, overall, unconscious to the reality behind interests and power generated by the money.

Because money distribution is completely unbalanced, provokes a breakdown in the society, creating firs level contradictions as poverty, famine or war, and all together with the complicity of those entities and groups those objectives are to implant a dark plan control over humans and their society.