JACOB GUERRERO was born in Barcelona in 1972, his natural attraction to music -influenced by different Techno, House, Rock and Classical music styles- conducted him to work in some small clubs as a DJ at age of 20 years old. The passion about music and technology submerged him into trackers developing his own creativity with some non-edited tracks in different non-released tech-house and even chillout tracks.

After some years trying to get professional sound into his productions, he finally decided to study Sound Engineering in 2001 and, since then, JACOB GUERRERO has been trying to improve his productions and mixing techniques with powerful rhythms and harmonic melodic lines.

By promoting himself in Barcelona big clubs like CITY HALL, BROADBAR, QO Disco and others, in 2011 he travelled to Ibiza where really discovered his own personnel production techno style, at the same time while he was working together with some well-known international producers and DJs in private parties and warm-up sessions for promoters from PRIVILEGE and ES PARADIS, as well being a resident DJ from THE MANSION and many others clubs.



JACOB GUERRERO – CHAPTER ONE arrives in 2014, a moment he proudly releases his first album, covering these long and extended music travelling experience, condensing it in 11 long tracks that are based on and a personal point of view about changes in all aspects of human’s life.

JACOB GUERRERO – CHAPTER ONE will transport to you to your own history, trough a past, present and future story. Music as an Evolutive Techno style, based on pumping rhythms with powerful sounds and deep basses, but broken with melodic synth lines and ambient textures that create basic humans states as dreams, sadness, hope and happiness.

Because every track is a different step and an emotional way to understand what JACOB GUERRERO is offering in the whole album, the audience will be submerged into different steps, beginning from a convulsioned way of life, followed by disorientation, destruction until revolution and a final human’s reflection. The same story that has been repeating for humans during decades, without any kind of change…